Obama Campaign Video: Unintentionally Hilarious

Obama Campaign Video: Unintentionally Hilarious

In an unintentionally hilarious video put out by the Obama campaign, they attempted to create a “preview” of a film depicting the Romney campaign titled “The Do-Over.”

Superimposed over a shot of the New York Times, the screen reads “Romney advisors believe he’s viewed as ‘stiff, aloof and distant’ and that the GOP convention will be ‘a chance for a fresh start.’  Their plan includes mad men ‘slick packaging’ and a ‘theatrical’ Hollywood style reinvention.”

Slick packaging? Theatrical Hollywood style?

This from the Anointed One, who posed and primped in front of Greek columns on a football field?


The “preview” continues with a stentorian voice reciting the usual attacks on Romney with a frantic Carmina Burana type of score under it,  and concludes with the voice-over saying, “critics have called his work ‘wildly misleading’ (salon.com) ‘4 Pinocchios’ (Washington Post)  ‘Pants on Fire’ (Politifact).”  

Salon.com, WaPo, and Politifact. Now there are three impartial observers.

At the end, a box appears with the rating N, as the voice-over intones “Rated N, for not gonna work.”

Not gonna work? Are they sure they’re not speaking about Barack Obama’s job history?

If this is what passes for wit in the Obama campaign, they’d better not take it on the road.

Oops, too late. Obama’s already there.