Romney: Victory in Sight

Romney: Victory in Sight

Mitt Romney, fired-up by his dominant performance in Wednesday night’s debate, is smelling the finish line like Secretariat at the 1973 Belmont Stakes. In a fundraising email sent out Thursday, Romney confidently stated, “Victory is in sight.”

This is a man whose careful nature precludes him from exulting prematurely, The uncharacteristic display of honest joy at the prospects of the November election is a reflection of the tumultuous response to Romney’s rock-solid performance. The debate reached 67.2 million viewers, more than 28% higher than the first 2008 debate. Two polls taken immediately after the debate showed Romney trounced Obama; CNN showed Romney 67%, Obama 25%, while CBS showed Romney with 46% and Obama with 22%.

Romney has fired up the Republican party across the board. American Future Fund’s founder Nick Ryan, who backed Rick Santorum in the primaries, said that no states should be written of by the Romney campaign, saying of Romney’s performance: “If we didn’t get a home run, we certainly got a triple.”

This is exactly what the Obama campaign feared most: a unified opposition. They know that when conservatives coalesce around their candidate, they are almost impossible to beat.

And no one’s asking any more if Romney has fire in his belly. He just used his to light a fire in conservative Americans everywhere.