Obama: Romney Would Have Killed Auto Industry

Obama: Romney Would Have Killed Auto Industry

Barack Obama, fresh off the Boat-Of-Lying-About Benghazi, jumped on another lying vessel on Tuesday, the Boat-Of-Lying-About-Romney-And-The-Auto-Industry.

Obama said to the Ohio crowd:

“Last night, Gov. Romney looked you right in the eye and tried to pretend that he never said ‘let Detroit go bankrupt.’ He tried to explain that somehow I was taking his advice.”

Obama continued that if Romney had been president in 2008, the U.S. “might not have an auto industry today. If you say that you love American cars in a debate, but you wrote an article called ‘Let Detroit Go Bankrupt,’ you might have Romnesia.”

Of course, with the bailouts Obama was only following action initiated under former President George W. Bush. The Treasury Department has reported that the federal government won’t recover the money given to parts of Chrysler that were not included in a deal with Italian automaker Fiat to purchase the Detroit-based company. 

Obama’s lie about Romney stinks. He spoke about Romney’s 2008 New York Times op-ed about the bailout, but didn’t explain that Romney recommended the auto industries go into chapter 11 and then get government secured loans.

But then, Obama won’t mention the UAW contracts that prevented any attempt to restructure the auto companies. Or the initial $32 billion of taxpayer money that has permanently disappeared.

The Boats-Of-Lying that Obama sails on. It’s time for them to sink.