Huntsman Defends Susan Rice, Obama Admin on Benghazi

Huntsman Defends Susan Rice, Obama Admin on Benghazi

Leave it to former Utah governor and presidential reject Jon Huntsman to defend lying diplomat UN Ambassador Susan Rice. Today, Huntsman interviewed with the Huffington Post, where he told Sam Stein that criticism of the Obama administration over the murder of a US ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi was overblown. Said Huntsman:

The issue of Benghazi, I think you can attribute to the fog of war, more than anything else. When you’re in a wartime setting and you have an attack like that — let’s face it. No one is prepared for an attack like that. There is, as Robert McNamara used to say, there is a fog of war. And it takes awhile to sort through the details. And it doesn’t do a whole lot of good for the political class to point fingers before you even know what was behind it. And you’re not going to know that [immediately].

Of course, American intelligence knew immediately that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, and they knew virtually immediately that Al Qaeda was involved. So Huntsman is wrong. But he’s willing to parrot the leftist line that intelligence “evolved,” so the Huffington Post will trot him out as an authority on the issue.

Huntsman did point out that the media has been reluctant to cover ongoing issues in China:

I heard endless chatter about Benghazi during the last several weeks and not a bit about the leadership changes in China. Now I needn’t tell you which over the longer term is going to impact us as people. You’ve got once-per-decade leadership changes in China, whose economic and security policies will have a profound impact on the next generation of Americans.

But Huntsman did not say anything about the continued leveraging of American assets to China in exchange for propping up our out-of-control debt. Instead, Huntsman played nice with the Obama administration. Obama, he said, should “help[] China understand that in being on the world stage, there are greater expectations of the role that they will play.”

There certainly are. But that role has grown thanks to American weakness. And by avoiding the hard issues on Benghazi, Huntsman props up the lead purveyor of American weakness: the Obama administration.