Harvard's Latest Addition: the S&M Club

Harvard's Latest Addition: the S&M Club

Harvard University is famous for its secular leftism, and now they have approved a student organization which will give Leftists (who do champion the counterculture) a club where they can indulge their fantasies: the Harvard College Munch for  Bondage/Discipline/Sadism/Masochism.

The Committee on Student Life is expected to green-light the club; this will enable its members to meet for lunch or dinner on campus, promote gatherings and apply for grants from the school’s Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisors organization.

The club’s founder, “Michael”, said the club was formed to discuss their proclivities in the bedroom without fear of being judged. One member asserting that she had been hit with a riding crop, a belt, and canes, chortled, “Floggers are my favorite.”

Harvard might be disappointed to know they were beaten to the punch by Iowa State University, whose student government funded a bondage club as far back as 2003.

Since the success of “50 Shades Of Grey”, S & M clubs have proliferated; Columbia, Tufts, MIT and Yale have them.

Shockingly, there have been assault cases from some of these groups.

Meanwhile, the degradation of the future of America thrives in the university system. No wonder Barack Obama exhorts students to stay in college.