Hagel Likely to Be Secretary of Defense

Hagel Likely to Be Secretary of Defense

What was recently mere rumor is hardening into fact: Former Senator Chuck Hagel will nominated by Barack Obama to be his next Secretary of Defense. It has been reported as “likely” by Bloomberg News on Twitter as well as on NBC. He’s perfect cover for Obama to look bipartisan; he’s a Republican. He opposed the initial war in Iraq and then voted against the surge, so he fits into Obama’s predilection for failing in the Middle East. He is also a strong foe of Israel, which makes him even more palatable for Obama.

Because he’s a Senator, the old boy’s club in the Senate won’t oppose him, even John McCain, whom he’s friendly with.         

As noted here, Hagel is not only hostile to Israel but extremely dangerous when it comes to Iran, essentially leaving them alone to do whatever they want.  He’s a terrible choice for Secretary of Defense if you believe Defense should be about protecting Americans from terrorists.

On the other hand, if you’re Barack Obama….