Report: Jesse Jackson Jr. Plea Deal to Include 'Significant Jail Time'

Report: Jesse Jackson Jr. Plea Deal to Include 'Significant Jail Time'

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Jesse Jackson Jr. has a plea deal on the table for his ongoing federal investigation that will include “significant jail time” in federal prison.

Author Michael Sneed’s source also informs that Jackson’s wife Sandi “feels like she was thrown under the bus by her husband,” as it has now come to light that she too is under a separate federal investigation. Ms. Jackson resigned from her post as 7th ward Alderman in Chicago last month.

Both Jesse Jr. and his wife Sandi have apparently gotten their hands caught in the cookie jar when it comes to campaign funds.

From the Times:

The federal scrutiny includes access to and use of her husband’s congressional campaign money, including credit card charges, as well as the movement of money from one account to another, sources say.

In his resignation letter, Jesse Jackson Jr. acknowledged a federal probe and indicated his attorneys were working with federal authorities on it. Federal sources cautioned, however, authorities were still weighing whether charges are warranted in Sandi Jackson’s case.

“They are trying to sort it out right now and trying to figure out exactly what to do with her,” said one source close to the former alderman. Sandi Jackson was advised to get a lawyer at least four months ago.

For years, Sandi Jackson was paid nearly $5,000 a month from her husband’s campaign fund through her consulting firm, J. Donatella & Associates. The payments continued, even after Jesse Jackson Jr. checked into a mental health facility last year and — except for a robo-call — did not campaign for the Nov. 6 election, which he won.

Breitbart News reported on Ms. Jackson’s facilitation of the Chicago Lakeside Project last month. The project is set to be the largest residential and retail community development in the country and, likely, the world. Many residents have raised concerns that the controversial development will not benefit the community, but nearly $100 million of tax increment financing has already gone toward public infrastructure for the project. The issue is also beginning surface in the upcoming special election to replace Jesse Jr. in congress. 

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