Emanuel to Push New Gun Control in Chicago

Emanuel to Push New Gun Control in Chicago

On Tuesday, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that he’d be pushing for new gun control in the city of Chicago, even though it is the most heavily gun-controlled municipality in the country. Emanuel will be hosting President Obama on Friday, where Obama will no doubt shift blame for Chicago’s gun crime problem from the city and onto surrounding areas, despite their lower rates of crime.

Said Emanuel:

The worst thing would be to say let’s not discuss this, because if we, Chicago, can actually lead the way to commonsense gun laws, commonsense enforcement, and an honest discussion about morally anchoring our young men into an affirmative view of themselves and their future, I am proud Chicago will lead that way.

So far, Emanuel’s efforts in that direction have been a failure. But now Emanuel seems to embracing the conservative notion of law and order, pushing for harsher sentencing for felons carrying weapons, among other measures.