NH Gun Store: Obama 'Firearms Salesman Of the Year'

NH Gun Store: Obama 'Firearms Salesman Of the Year'

The windows of a gun store in Merrimack, NH are emblazoned with a poster with President Obama’s image on it and text which reads, “Firearms Salesman of the Year.”

Under the text, images of an AK-47 and another “assault rifle” make the point that the these guns are selling like crazy because of Obama’s threat to ban such weapons.

Store co-owner Kevin Cox said the sign isn’t a stunt. Rather, he truly credits Obama “for a boom in business.”

Although a handful of Merrimack residents have complained about the posters, Cox said they’re not coming down: “This is nothing more than a message of free speech. We are not violating any laws. If people are offended, they can choose not to look at our storefront.”