Documents: Tsarnaevs Made Frequent EBT Cash Withdrawals

Documents: Tsarnaevs Made Frequent EBT Cash Withdrawals

The family of the suspected Boston bombers made numerous EBT (food stamps) cash withdrawals during the past decade, but there is still no information about what may have been purchased.

The Boston Herald reportsEBT receipts were handed over by the state to the House Post Audit and Oversight Committee as part of its probe into the Russian family’s $100,000-plus taxpayer-financed life,” and the Committee met on Thursday behind closed doors to review the records. 

The Committee may have records of the stores where the Tsarnaevs may used their EBT cards, but there were no details on any specific purchases. Authorities said the Tsarnaev brothers could have purchased materials to make their bombs with welfare checks and EBT cash withdrawals. 

The Tsarnaevs could have also sold their EBT cards for cash. Breitbart News and the nonpartisan Government Accountability Institute (GAI) have extensively investigated and documented how easy and prevalent EBT fraud is.