Fmr Congresswoman's Firm Bagged $450K DOE Contracts for Shoddy Work

Fmr Congresswoman's Firm Bagged $450K DOE Contracts for Shoddy Work

A new Inspector General audit finds that former Rep. Heather Wilson’s (R-NM) consulting firm bagged over $450,000 for shoddy and questionable work for four Energy Department facilities.

“It sounds like nearly a half million in tax dollars is gone for little (if anything) in return,” says Nick Sorrentino of “The real shock is not that it happened of course, but that we even heard about it.”

Heather Wilson and Co. provided “no deliverables,” say officials. The Inspector General audit says the documents the former congresswoman’s company provided “did not meet even minimum standards for satisfying [Federal Acquisition Regulation] requirements.”

One of the crony contracts involved $226,400 for Sandia National Laboratories. Wilson’s company provided hazy invoices that lacked detail on the time or services rendered.

Los Alamos National Laboratory provided another healthy payday for the former congresswoman’s company. From 200920 2011, Wilson’s firm scored $195,700 and provided no “evidence of deliverables and detailed invoices.”

The Federal Times reports that the Energy Department has recouped nearly $443,000 for the lackluster work.

Wilson blasted the audit’s findings on Tuesday and said the report “confirms that the labs were satisfied with my work.”

Next week, Wilson will become the president of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.