Cruz to Palin: You Made Conservatives Discover 'Backbone'

Cruz to Palin: You Made Conservatives Discover 'Backbone'

While being interviewed by Gov. Sarah Palin on Monday on Fox and Friends, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) credited and thanked her for helping conservatives find their backbones and conservative principles.

“We’re seeing more..leaders in Washington standing up, and to be honest, a big part of the reason has been the have played and the fearlessness with which you have advocated conservative principles,” Cruz said. “We’ve seen a whole new generation of leaders that have suddenly, magically discovered a backbone.”

Palin, while interviewing Cruz in her return to Fox News, emphasized the Senate should just let “someone like a senator Cruz have some say” and not “stifle his voice.”

On Saturday, Palin said Congress should go on “Cruz control” for a week and Cruz, at this year’s CPAC, saidhe would not be in the Senate if it were not for Palin’s endorsement, which ultimately made the difference in ensuring he would make it into the runoff in the 2010 Texas Republican Senate primary.