Palin: 'Nanny' Bloomberg Thinks New Yorkers 'Bunch of Little Babies'

Palin: 'Nanny' Bloomberg Thinks New Yorkers 'Bunch of Little Babies'

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin slammed “nanny” New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Monday for suggesting that he ultimately wanted to make food composting programs mandatory in New York.

“Do New Yorkers feel like you’re just a bunch of little babies…thank goodness you got…a nanny over you telling you what you need to to do every day?” Palin said, noting Bloomberg’s “bucket list” of legislative priorities is “pretty bizarre.” 

Palin did say, though, that Bloomberg’s focus on composting will keep him from trying  to “disarm those who want to protect themselves while he’s protected by some armed folks” and take “away the Second Amendment rights to not allow self defense”

“I just think your mayor, bless his heart–I’m sure well-intended…I feel for New Yorkers who just don’t have the liberty…to live as you deem most most appropriate and safest and best for yourselves and your families.”

At CPAC this year, Palin mocked Bloomberg’s soda ban when she famously sipped on a Big Gulp and did what became to be known as the “liberty pose” by holding up her Big Gulp as she left the stage.  

Palin co-hosted the last hour of “Fox and Friends” in her return to the network.