**Gettysburg Battlecast** Watch Pickett's Charge Live

**Gettysburg Battlecast** Watch Pickett's Charge Live

The Gettysburg Battlecast is a subscription-based webcast at www.gettysburgbattlecast.com which features behind the scenes video, daily battle highlights, and a live 90-minute webcast of Pickett’s Charge on July 7. All these components are associated with the 150th Anniversary Gettysburg National Civil War Reenactment.

**Gettysburg Battlecast** Watch Pickett’s Charge Live!

Viewers can sign up now and watch exclusive interviews with historians including Allen Guelzo, whose book Gettysburg the Last Invasion is the #1 book on Gettysburg on Amazon. The battlecast also features interviews with Ron Maxwell reflecting on the twentieth anniversary of his legendary Gettysburg film.

Each day of the reenactment, from July 4 – 7th, the Battlecast will feature video battle highlights with all the great action captured by the film crew assigned to the event. Director Robert Child and his company Rob Child & Associates have been planning the filming of the event for more than two years. He is an Emmy® nominated filmmaker who directed the action at the 140th Gettysburg anniversary a decade ago.

**Battlecast** Sign up today and watch the Gettysburg reenactment live! 

Child describes the Gettysburg Battlecast:

Nothing like the Gettysburg Battlecast (Pickett’s Charge Live) has ever been done before. I even had to come up with the name “Battlecast” and I get tired of seeing it always highlighted in my spell check. The main reenactment field is perhaps more than 1000 meters across. It is a massive area to cover and it has been a challenge in the technical planning. People wouldn’t stand for watching all wide shots of the battle so we have several wireless cameras embedded with the troops. Because of the numbers of reenactors involved it will be a visual spectacle like many people have never seen before – even people who have attended reenactments. It should send chills down the viewer’s spines, as they will recognize they are watching a live battle unfold very much like it did 150 years ago. People toss around the word “epic” all too frequently but this live battlecast will be the definition of epic.