Understanding 'Honor Flights': How They Brought WWII Vets to DC For October 2

Understanding 'Honor Flights': How They Brought WWII Vets to DC For October 2

When the Obama administration barricaded the World War II memorial, they shut out vets who had traveled to DC on “Honor Flights” to see the memorial built in honor of their service. 

What are Honor Flights and how do these serve our World War II vets?

To answer this question Breitbart News spoke with Dale Williams, who works with Amarillo, TX’s Honor Flight program and takes World War II vets to DC twice a year.

Williams explained what the Honor Flight program entails:

Honor Flight is a national organization with chapters around the country. Each chapter provides help at the airport, help on the trip regarding logistics, etc.

For our program in Amarillo we raise all the money so that the entire trip is free for the vets. We take approximately 120 World War II vets twice a year for three days and three nights–and all they have to do is enjoy the trip.

We have learned to work with Southwest Airlines for these trips. They give a great deal and by the time we take along the volunteers to help with wheelchairs, etc., we can fill an entire airplane.

Williams said they take the vets to the World War II memorial as soon as they get to DC, “because they are all so excited to see it.” He said they always visit the memorial one more time during the remaining two days, “so the vets get time to really take it in.”

He said they have to leave Amarillo early for their trips, and when they get to the airport Southwest will have the gate decorated with American flags. He said when land in Baltimore or DC and get off the flight, “it’s like the whole airport stops because they announce this is an Honor Flight before the vets leave the plane.” Williams said they exit to the plane to standing ovations and applause throughout the airline terminal.

Williams says one of the most touching moments of an Honor Flight trip is when four World War II vets are selected to take part in placing a wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. He said that without fail, “as the four vets walk with the guard to place the wreath on the tomb, other vets in their wheelchairs will stand up–if only feebly–and hold their salute until the wreath is placed.”

Amarillo’s Honor Flights operate under the auspices of America Supports You Texas. (Information on donating to keep these flights going can be found at www.americasupportsyoutexas.org)

Breitbart News is humbled beyond measure by the courage and determination of our greatest generation. We promise we will never forget the price they paid for a freedom that isn’t free.

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