Obama Accuses GOP of Manufacturing a Crisis

Obama Accuses GOP of Manufacturing a Crisis

On Saturday, Barack Obama had the audacity to lambast the GOP and say on his weekly radio address: “Manufacturing crises to extract massive concessions isn’t how our democracy works, and we have to stop it. Politics is a battle of ideas, but you advance those ideas through elections and legislation — not extortion.”

Anybody remember what a certain former Obama chief of staff once said shortly after Obama was elected in 2008 and awaiting inauguration? Something along the lines of,  “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

Yup, Rahm Emanuel said that, and even when he tried to amend the statement in 2011, here’s what he said: “First of all, what I said was never let a good crisis go to waste when it’s an opportunity to do things you had never considered or you didn’t think were possible.”

Considering that the fight against Obamacare was given up for dead and considered impossible before the right wing of the GOP made their stand, Obama should be the last one criticizing them for manufacturing what he calls a crisis.