62% Fear Job Loss Due to Economy

62% Fear Job Loss Due to Economy

A new Washington Post-Miller Center poll finds that a record 62% of Americans worry they will lose their jobs due to the dour U.S. economy. Roughly one in three people (32%) said they worry “a lot” about job loss, another record high. 

Strikingly, the survey found that America’s growing economic anxiety no longer tracks with political ideology or partisanship; economic fears span the political spectrum. 

“Americans’ economic perceptions often divide along political lines,” reported the Post. “But that’s not the case with this new anxiety. Once you control for economic and demographic factors, there is no partisan divide.” 

The Post added, “There’s no racial divide, either, and no gender gap. It also doesn’t matter where you live.” 

The poll also found that 70% of Americans believe reducing the federal budget deficit is a “very important” or the “most important” factor in making America economically competitive.