Missouri Bill Requires Notification of Both Parents for Minor's Abortion

Missouri Bill Requires Notification of Both Parents for Minor's Abortion

Missouri District 124 Representative Rocky Miller filed House Bill 1192, which would require that both parents be notified before their child receives an abortion. 

Currently, only one parent’s permission is required for an abortion. A personal situation inspired Miller to write the bill that would require both.

Miller explains that eight years ago, he learned that his daughter, a minor, was pregnant. He was divorced, with joint custody of his daughter, and amid the swirling emotions of that moment, Miller says he was simply resolved that as long as she was in his custody, abortion would not be an option.

They all discussed the issue at length. When his daughter admitted she was not really clear on what an abortion was, Miller told her, “Go search it on the Internet.”

“When she came back downstairs, her face was gray,” he said.

The family arrived at a solution: Miller offered to let his daughter live–as much as she could–the life of a normal teenager, while he and his wife raised the child.

Eight years later, Miller expresses his joy at having a grandchild with whom he is very close. But he reflects on how things could have gone differently. Under current Missouri law, in a situation where a child’s parents are separated–or even just not communicating well–a serious medical procedure (an abortion) could be performed on that child with the knowledge and consent of only one parent or guardian.

Abortion is a touchy subject, but Miller hopes his bill will find common ground between both pro-life and pro-choice advocates since his bill only makes sure both parents know what happens in their child’s life. He has only received positive feedback about the bill.

“However, I foresee some negative in the future,” Miller told Breitbart News. “This bill is a positive change and avoids a serious medical procedure being performed on their minor child without their knowledge.”

Representative Ron Hicks filed House Bill 1148, which will require a woman to receive an ultrasound and a 24-hour waiting period before an abortion. In Texas, the legislation passed a bill that banned abortions after 20 weeks and required doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. Breitbart News asked Miller if other states may follow his lead.

“I would be shocked if other states are not already doing this,” he said. “This bill just allows for all custodial parents to be notified about a medical procedure to be performed on their minor child.”

Planned Parenthood stood by Texas State Senator Wendy Davis when she filibustered the Texas law. Miller has not received any reaction from them or NARAL.

“None so far,” he said. “I would imagine since their business has suffered due to the ease of gaining information on the procedure they aid in having performed, they will not like any more information brought to light.”