Palin: Obama 'Hypocritical' for Using 'War on Women' Rhetoric

Palin: Obama 'Hypocritical' for Using 'War on Women' Rhetoric

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said President Barack Obama is a hypocrite for ginning up the “war on women” rhetoric and urged conservative politicians to not retreat when Democrats push that narrative.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Palin said the Obama campaign tried to use Hillary Clinton to attack her during the 2008 presidential campaign only because they could not “attack my record as an executive, a Mayor, a Governor, an energy resources commissioner, nor a wife and mother.” She said that is why they decided to “basically engage in their familiar ‘politics of personal destruction’ just hours after I was announced as the GOP’s first female VP candidate.”

“How passé. How mighty hypocritical,” she said, acknowledging that “Hillary refused to engage.”

Palin urged candidates to “don’t retreat” just because the left plays the “war on women” card.

“Just reload like I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to do,” she said. “And hey, I’m still standing! So flipping proud to be an American where I know first hand that anything is possible if you work hard, put your life in God’s hands, serve something greater than self, and live life vibrantly!”

After Clinton revealed those revelations from the 2008 campaign in her book, Palin accused the Obama administration of firing the first shot in the so-called “war on women.”