Obama Gets Trolled by Guy in Horse Head Mask

Obama Gets Trolled by Guy in Horse Head Mask

The leader of the free world hasn’t been greeted like this before.

President Barack Obama has become the latest victim of horse-heading, a harmless prank meme where its perpetrators wear a wide-eyed horse mask in inappropriate social situations. And what greater irreverence than donning the mask for the Commander-in-Chief! 

According to the press pool, “One onlooker wore a large horse head, but it’s unclear what message he hoped to convey to the president.” Silly journalists, there is but one “message” in horse-heading: for the lulz.

Jewel Samad of Agence France-Presse got a clearer angle of the exchange:

While President Obama must have been quite confused, the horse-header may have lifted his spirits. Earlier in the day, several high-profile Democrats from Colorado, including Governor John Hickenlooper and Senator Mark Udall, declined to attend his Denver speech.