Saturday: Breitbart Executive Chairman Calls for National Guard to Protect Borders

Saturday: Breitbart Executive Chairman Calls for National Guard to Protect Borders

On Breitbart News Saturday and Sunday radio shows on Sirius XM Patriot Radio, the Breitbart news team dedicated a great portion of the shows to the ongoing onslaught of the nation’s southern border by thousands of illegal aliens coming from Central America.

Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon called in to the show on Saturday from Hidalgo County, a rural section close to the Mexican Border, and spoke with Breitbart’s Editor in Chief Alex Marlow. Bannon has joined the Breitbart Texas team in Texas over the last ten days to enhance the already extensive border coverage that Breitbart News has executed over the last year and a half.

Bannon pointed out that since Breitbart broke the story of the surge of illegal immigrant border crossings, with vivid photographs released to Breitbart Texas from border patrol agents, a flood of media outlets such as the BBC, CNN, New York Times, and the Times of London have overwhelmed the Rio Grande Valley Sector. As a result, that portion of the border has experienced a significant slowdown in illegal crossings and now enjoys enhanced presence of Border Patrol, Texas rangers, state troopers, and ICE agents.

However, according to Bannon, the inundation of personnel in the Rio Grande Valley sector has opened up huge gateways for illegal aliens to cross from Laredo to El Paso, effectively rendering hundreds of miles along the border relatively unprotected.

Notably, Bannon explained, “This is a cartel problem. This not just little kids wandering off on a thousand mile trek on a very unsafe train over terrain to show up on the border of the United States.” According to Breitbart’s Executive Chairman, “This is all about the cartels. They make money out of transporting the kids. The cartels are gaming the system. They want people to focus on one area of the border so they can have unfettered access to other parts of the border.”

Fortunately, for those living in the Rio Grande Valley Sector the border is now being protected more closely. Bannon says that he is proud of Breitbart’s efforts, along with the hard working men and women of the border patrol, because for the first time many of the residents feel that they have police protection and border patrol protection.

Yet, Bannon contends that although stemming the tide of illegal immigration for the people in the Rio Grande Valley sector is an extremely positive occurrence, it only fixes a small problem. He insists that protecting the entire border is a bigger problem and that America should confront it head on. “I believe the bigger problem can only be solved by calling for the National Guard or the Texas State Militia,” Bannon asserted.

According to Bannon, current law enforcement and border patrol are being overwhelmed by the scope of the border problem. Bannon claims that if the United States really wants border protection and border security, the U.S. is “going to have to militarize the border. It’s just too big of a problem for border patrol, too big of a problem for customs or for ICE. We are actually going to need to put more people on the border on a permanent basis.” He added, “hopefully in Washington and in the state capital of Austin over the next couple of weeks they can get things sorted out . But we at Breitbart are going to stay down here until they do.”