Live Updates: Ferguson Mayhem Continues Without Curfew

Live Updates: Ferguson Mayhem Continues Without Curfew

Breitbart News will cover live updates of Monday’s continuation of the nightly clashes between protesters and police in the town of Ferguson, Missouri following the shooting death of Michael Brown. While protesters seeking prosecution of the officer who shot and killed Brown, another element in the unrest has been destruction and thievery at local businesses by rioters and looters.

1:46 AM EST: 

1:36 AM EST: After several arrests, situation seems to be cooling down.

1:10 AM EST: One constant tonight on how the police have been handling the media is that they are asking for “real media IDs” and have been heard on the live feed saying only “conventional media” will be allowed to participate in the media areas. It seems the police are trying to differentiate between old-style, network, cable, radio and print media people any anyone working for Internet-based outlets. –Warner Todd Huston

12:59 AM EST: 

12:57 AM EST: Live feed from Ferguson shows dozens and dozens of media people behind yellow tape but few protesters. –Warner Todd Huston

12:53 AM EST: Will the protests dry up around the same time as the curfew has enforced the past few days?

12:46 AM EST: Reporters from CNN and Fox News–Jake Tapper and Steve Harrigan, respectively–attack the heavy police presence in Ferguson.

12:44 AM EST: Representatives from Amnesty International are observing tonight’s events.

12:33 AM EST: Washington Post reporter says protesters have “homemade bombs.”

12:31 AM EST: A USA Today reporter is curious why she has seen no members of the Missouri National Guard who were supposed to take over security. –Warner Todd Huston

12:24 AM EST: CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill says that an “anarchist” and “Revolutionary Communist” are whipping up the protesters to violence. Via Breitbart TV:

12:21 AM EST: Despite the continued unrest, there seem to be fewer protesters tonight. One Fox reporter joked, “It seems like there is a camera or reporter for each protester out here.” –Warner Todd Huston

12:19 AM EST: This appears to be the reason why.

12:14 AM EST: Multiple reports state police have deployed tear gas, fired rubber bullets, and thrown flash bangs in front of a QuikTrip store.

12:11 AM EST: President Obama continues to show his biggest priorities:

12:08 AM EST: Reporter from VICE shows protesters are pretending to be media for cover. –Brandon Darby

12:03 AM EST: MSNBC host Ed Schultz somehow blames the Tea Party for Ferguson’s riots and what the left is calling the militarized police response. –Warner Todd Huston 

Schultz thinks that law enforcement feels “outgunned and they want to be prepared” because of the anti-government sentiment of conservatives.

So, to recap: the cops need this equipment to crack down on the Tea Party, but it’s injustice if they use it for anyone else… who’s actually rioting and looting.

12:00 AM EST: Protesters are placing construction cones in the street to obstruct police. –Kerry Picket

11:57 PM EST: A local pastor tells outside agitators to get lost. One blogger has claimed a self-avowed Communist from Chicago has appeared in Ferguson, calling cops “pigs” and singing Communist “revolution” songs. –Warner Todd Huston

11:48 PM EST: Video of protesters lobbing rocks at an MSNBC crew, via Breitbart TV:

11:45 PM EST: Protester seen holding up a sign in support for Islamist terror group ISIS as CNN’s Jake Tapper tours area. –Warner Todd Huston

11:38 PM EST: A protester has stolen Breitbart News reporter Kerry Picket’s video camera. She states the individual tried to grab her iPhone as well but was unsuccessful.

11:36 PM EST: Local reporter says police claim over a dozen witnesses back up officer Darren Wilson’s account of the altercation that led to him shooting Brown.

11:34 PM EST: FAA extends low-flight ban over Ferguson another week. –Warner Todd Huston

11:28 PM EST: Protesters and media have been forced from the street to the sidewalk. Police are threatening to arrest anyone still on the street. –Kerry Picket

11:26 PM EST: Protesters are throwing rocks at MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who has made his allegiance to their cause crystal clear.

11:24 PM EST: Huffington Post reporter Ryan Reilly has consistently misspelled “protester” since this whole ordeal began. Is it wearing on anyone else?

11:21 PM EST: As seen on Breitbart TV: Fox News reporter Steve Harrigan states that protesters’ chants of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” has now changed to “Hands Up, Shoot Back.”

11:14 PM EST: The city of Ferguson has hired a PR firm to deal with the ongoing outrage over the Brown case.

11:10 PM EST: Police are using long-range acoustic devices (LRAD) to disperse protesters. More protesters have donned gas masks than on Sunday night after a day of big sales for protective gear. –Kerry Picket

11:06 PM EST: Ferguson-Florissan School District has cancelled all classes through the end of the week.