Rappers, a DJ, a Hit-and-Run and a Flag Burning in L.A.

Adelle Nazarian
Adelle Nazarian
Los Angeles, CA

Protests continued throughout the day in Los Angeles Saturday featuring DJ Mustard, rappers TYGA and The Game, and some rather antagonistic activists well into the night.

The Game posted as losangelesconfidential on Instagram, “We out here !!! #MillionsMarchLA”

We out here !!! #MillionsMarchLA

A photo posted by The Game (@losangelesconfidential) on Dec 12, 2014 at 4:59pm PST

“Today we all stood up for justice….LA !” DJ Mustard posted to Instagram, along with video of packed in protesters holding fists raised. A photo DJ Mustard posted showed a sign promoting the ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition’s Los Angeles chapter. The ANSWER Coalition is a radical group notorious for excluding well-known left-wing activist rabbi Michael Lerner from an anti-Iraq War rally because he dares to believe that Israel has the right to exist.

Today we all stood up for justice …. LA ! A video posted by Dj Mustard (@djmustard) on Dec 12, 2014 at 5:26pm PST

Follower jjduran818 responded to DJ Mustard’s video, writing (content warning), “What justice are you standing up for?? You got rappers and celebrities protesting about this and changing how we go forward with racism when black rappers and celebrities showing this country and society that saying the “n” word and all that racist shit in their music okay for everyone to say it…”.

__adrii09 added a response to the DJ Mustard post, “@gmjintl my point is why do justice only for these citizens that have passed because of the police killing them when everyday others kill other citizens why not do justice for them too they have families as well.”

shawtyyyyyred posted, “@__adrii09 we were marching today for everyone , every victim every soul that was lost behind crime”.

Breitbart California’s Adelle Nazarian engaged protesters at the Saturday afternoon Million March LA protest, where protesters rebuffed her for not being black and refused to speak with her. “We ain’t talking to you,” one protester told her, “If you ain’t black then you don’t need to be talking. Yeah I said it.”

Evening protests devolved into violence as a flag was shown burning and a livestreamer posted video that shows an SUV breaking through a protest line, allegedly injuring a demonstrator. Activists posted images and video of a United States flag being carried followed with the image of a burned flag on the street.

Cassandra @CassandraRules “Hollywood and highland”

Cassandra ‏‪@CassandraRules‬ “”This is what revolution smells like” Hollywood and Highland action now ‪pic.twitter.com/v6hmYxa7S7”

Tweeter Cassandra also posted the image of a livestreamer being outlined in chalk in the middle of the street. Livestreamer Bryan Hayes posted video in which an SUV appears to strike the livestreamer in an intersection protesters were actively blocking. Tweeter Fernando Martinez posted another video from above appearing to show another perspective of the incident.

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