Rush Limbaugh: Gun Control A Class Issue


On January 13 Rush Limbaugh explained that gun control is a class issue — “hip versus unhip, cool versus uncool.”  The push for more gun control is espoused by those on the periphery of elitism as a way for them to bring themselves closer to the best seats and tables at an Upper East Side dinner party.

Limbaugh believes this is why actors like Liam Neeson can make a living in action movies where guns are central to the action sequences and to defending lives, yet respond to the Paris terror attack by calling for more gun control in America. Limbaugh is by no means excusing Neeson; rather, he’s explaining that those who wish to rise to the next rung of elitism have to say these things in order to be accepted.

According to Limbaugh, this is why elitists just stare blankly into your face when you talk to them about the people’s right to keep and bear arms. To them, talking about “the people” is talking about the NASCAR crowd — about “hayseeds, hicks, [and] people who drive pickups.” These are the very kinds of individuals the elites are trying so hard to distance themselves from.

And it also explains why elites cannot enter into a real discussion on guns and gun rights — they don’t have arguments, they have talking points.

Said Limbaugh: “They (the elites) don’t even know what they’re talking about. You hit them with irrefutable logic on this and all they do is stare at you like you are brain-dead when they don’t have a retort to it.”

He said gun control is one more proof that “liberalism is the most gutless choice you can make.” He said “[it’s] the easiest thing” because you don’t even have to think. For example, a terror attack can happen in a European country where gun control guarantees the criminals will be armed but the victims will not, and, as a liberal, you can respond to that by calling for more gun control in America.

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