Study: Republicans 37.5% More Likely to Work on Vacation

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin
AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

A new study by the RAND Corporation has found that Americans are increasingly likely to work while on vacation–and that Republicans are 37.5% more likely to work on vacation than Democrats, even when controlling for all other factors.

The survey, of nearly 3,000 adults, found that 43.4% took a vacation last year, and of those Americans who did so–and were employed–in 2014, nearly 3 in 5 worked on vacation. RAND’s Katherine Grace Carman and Michael Pollard note that “work” takes many forms: “Working on vacation takes many forms: 40.2 percent reported checking their email, 22.1 percent reported checking voicemail, 23.9 percent reported taking calls, and 12.3 percent reported working like normal.”

In addition, they note: “We found that working men were twice as likely as working women to work on vacation and college-educated workers are 77 percent more likely to work on vacation than those without a college education.”