Reports: Hillary Likely to Address Private Email Scandal This Week

AP Photo
AP Photo

Hillary Clinton will reportedly address the controversy surrounding her use of a private email account while she was Secretary of State sometime this week, according to multiple reports.

On Monday, CNN reported that though “plans are still fluid,” Clinton’s team “now realizes the current situation is untenable after a weekend of negative coverage.”

MSNBC’s Alex Seitz-Wald reported that though the Clinton camp wanted to “wait and not speak about this as long as possible, potentially until after she announces a presidential run” sometime in April, they realize that the “situation got away from them and expanded beyond what they expected.”

Seitz-Wald said the Clinton camp decided to address the controversy after Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s critical (D-CA) remarks on Sunday’s Meet the Press, which reportedly “changed their thinking” on the matter.

“I think that she needs to step up and come out and state exactly what the situation is,” Feinstein said. “From this point on, the silence is going to hurt her.”

Clinton’s silence has also frustrated Obama administration aides, who have been venting that they are being forced to spend time doing damage control for the Clintons.

Clinton did not address the scandal at Monday’s Clinton Foundation event. She is scheduled to address the United Nations for a women’s rights event on Tuesday, but that may not be the proper venue to discuss the scandal. Seitz-Wald said the Clinton camp is “still trying to figure out exactly how to handle this.”

Hillary Clinton’s only public comment on the scandal has been in a March 4 Tweet.

“I want the public to see my email,” she Tweeted. “I asked State to release them. They said they will review them for release as soon as possible.”