Mom Shoots Intruder: It Was Either Him or Me and My Daughter

AP Photo/The Sun, Alonzo Wright
AP Photo/The Sun, Alonzo Wright

On March 11 a Newport News, Virginia, mother who was home alone with her daughter shot an alleged home invader, surmising, “It was either him or me [and] I have my daughter to protect.”

The incident occurred around 10:30 pm.

According to News Channel 3, “someone starting banging on the door” after the woman’s husband left home to work at night. The unnamed mother said the person was also “messing with the door knob.”

The mother said the man kept yelling for her to let him in–acting as if they knew each other–but when she looked through the peep hole, she did not recognize him. So she “latched the top lock, ran to the back, called 911 and got [her] gun.”

She said she and her husband had discussed this scenario numerous times: that she was supposed to grab the gun and protect her own life, her daughter’s life, and their home. And that is exactly what she did.

While she was thinking these things, she “heard a crash” and realized the man had come through a window into “her daughter’s playroom.” She shot the alleged intruder twice, leaving him with life-threatening injuries.

The mother was shaken by the incident but said that, going forward, she now knows she can do what needs to be done to protect herself and her daughter.

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