‘I’ll Be Damned’ – Obama Surprises Harry Reid During Retirement Interview

White House photo by Pete Souza
White House photo by Pete Souza

As the retiring Sen. Harry Reid participated in interview with KNPR, a Nevada Public Radio station, President Obama surprised him by participating in the show as one of the callers.

“Harry, this is Barack,” said President Obama, as his call from the White House was transferred live to the radio station.

“Well I’ll be damned, I’ll be damned,” Reid said. “What a guy.”

“Are you allowed to say that on live radio?” Obama asked, as Reid continued to repeat the phrase.

Obama praised Harry Reid for working with him in Washington D.C. calling him “one of my best partners and best friends.”

Looking over Reid’s career as a Democratic leader in the Senate, Obama said that Reid would be “hard to replace” but that the founding fathers created a democratic system that rewarded “new blood.”

“Harry is unique and you know he’s got that curmudgeonly charm that’s hard to replace,” Obama said lightly. “I’m gonna miss him, but the good thing is I’m gonna get to leave this place with him at the same time.”

Obama admitted that the pair “had a great run” but that they would work together to do as much as possible before their terms were up.

In return, Reid had nothing but praise for the president boasting of their legislative success in Washington.

“The records will be written about the eight years of Obama and Reid and never in the history of the country have we produced more per president and somebody that’s led his party than we’ve done together,” Reid said reminding Obama that they came from two different backgrounds.

At the end of the conversation, the radio host asked Obama about a statement made by Reid citing Obama’s race as a reason why he was mistreated more than any other president in history.

“Who said that,” Reid said coldly.

“You did,” the host replied.

“Well, I don’t remember that,” Reid said.

“Well there you go,” Obama said, cutting the conversation short. “One of the great things about Harry is he’s always looking forwards, he’s not looking backwards.”

As the president signed off he joked, “Harry, get back to work.”