Chris Christie Defends Mike Pence After Religious Freedom Uproar

AP Photo/Mel Evans
AP Photo/Mel Evans

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is defending Indiana Governor Mike Pence after a religious freedom bill he signed caused uproar from supporters of same-sex weddings.

In a statement, Christie spent more time defending Pence than the religious freedom law he’d signed.

“I will tell you, amongst the governors, there is nobody that I’ve met amongst the governors who is more sincere in his faith and in his love for people than Mike Pence,” Christie said according to

Christie echoed Pence’s press conference earlier this week where the Indiana governor admitted that the bill had a perception problem.

“We should not have a situation where people perceive that anybody will be denied service,” Christie said, asserting that Pence would never intentionally allow discriminatory behavior in his state.

Pointing to the road ahead, Christie said that Pence would likely fix the bill to clarify its intent.

“I just don’t believe any of this stuff is true and to the extent that something needs to be fixed to clarify that no one will be denied service for discriminatory reasons, I’m sure that’s exactly what Mike will do,” he said.