GOP Field Wide Open as Chris Christie Slips

Washington, DC

As a new Monmouth University poll points out, while there’s “no single contender breaking from the pack,” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie finds himself falling further behind, leading to a slew of bad headlines in his home state.

As the Atlantic City Press points out, Christie would lose to both Jeb Bush and Scott Walker by a wide margin were the election held today. With other candidates, such as Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, announcing, that’s likely making it even more difficult for Christie to do much of anything to climb back into the national news. He’s done a series of the types of town halls that helped to launch him early on, but they haven’t caught on nationally, as they did just two years ago. The outlets reports:

Candidates such as Christie are finding “their path to victory getting more narrow every day,” said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute.

The national telephone poll conducted from March 30 to April 2 placed Christie as losing the Republican presidential nomination were he to face Bush, Cruz or Walker head-to-head.

The poll used a series of hypothetical match-ups with only two candidates in the running.

It suggested Walker would easily beat Christie by a 58 percent to 26 percent margin; Bush would beat him by a 54 percent, to 28 percent margin.

PolitickerNJ picked up the theme, as well, as did nationally focused outlets like The Washington Times:

A key indicator of the possible fortunes of these putative candidates is their overall favorability rating with the Republican base. Since Monmouth’s last national poll of GOP voters in December, Walker’s ratings have surged, while Christie’s have fallen. Bush, Cruz, Huckabee, and Santorum have also seen their standing improve among Republicans in the past few months.