Chris Christie Previews Overhaul for Entitlement Reform

Chris Christie
The Associated Press

In New Hampshire Tuesday, Governor Chris Christie will announce his plan for entitlement reform, vowing to shake up Social Security and Medicare to ensure it’s solvency for generations to come.

Essentially, the governor plans to grab the infamous “third rail” of politics in the hopes that it might jolt new life into a potential presidential campaign.

Christie previewed his speech in an exclusive interview with Yahoo! News columnist Matt Bai.

For Medicare, Christie would send the federal money to the states and raise the retirement age to 69.

For Social Security, Christie would phase out benefits for the more wealthy and raise the retirement age to 69.

For Christie, the selling point is that after reforming entitlement programs, which tie up over half of of federal spending, the government would have more money to spend on other important functions of government.