Fireman, Newspaper Reporter, TV reporter Rated Worst Jobs in America

AFP Photo / Robyn Beck
AFP Photo / Robyn Beck is out with its annual worst jobs in America report, and this year some of the worst are TV and newspaper reporters, lumberjacks, cooks, and firemen.

“Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be newspaper reporters. Or lumberjacks, or firefighters,” CNBC said in its report of the findings.

The jobs site notes that some of the criteria for the worst careers is proximity to danger but also low pay and a poor outlook for the future.

Some of the top jobs on the survey are insurance actuary, audiologist, mathematician, and statistician, but at the bottom of the list is newspaper reporter with a dismal employment growth outlook of minus 13 percent.

Just above the worst ranked job is lumberjack, enlisted soldier, cook, and TV broadcaster — the latter of which has a growth outlook of minus two percent.

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