Clintons Progress from Selling Access to Lincoln Bedroom to Pocketing Millions While Hillary is Sec. of State

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan
AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Richard Grenell, an American media commentator and the longest serving U.S. Spokesman at the United Nations, said that, revelations unveiled by Breitbart Senior editor Peter Schweizer in his bombshell book Clinton Cash were “actually quite shocking.”

In a spellbinding week of interviews, media reports, and articles about the book, New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters and Fox News exposed that the Clinton Foundation was receiving huge amounts of cash from foreign governments, while Hillary was the acting Secretary of State.

Grenell, an eight year state department veteran, told Breitbart News Sunday guest host, senior writer, Matthew Boyle, that the state department has rules every employee has to follow, when it comes to receiving gifts or even meals. “It’s shocking that we are talking about millions of dollars that has gone to the Clinton Foundation, when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State,” he said. By deleting 30,000 emails from her private server breeds further suspicion of Hillary, sugested Grenell.

The frequent Fox News contributor told listeners to the show, on Sirius XM Patriot radio channel 125, that what Hillary Clinton classified as private emails, “clearly was private information dealing with the Clinton Foundation.”

Unfortunately, because of Clinton’s email deletions, Grenell speculates that Americans may never really “get to the bottom of all of the dealings that Hillary Clinton had while Secretary of State.” The spokesperson for four different U.S. Ambassadors remains baffled why no one at the State Department spoke up during Hillary’s time as Secretary and alerted someone about Hillary Clinton’s dealings.

Grenell explained that Hillary had a closely knit coterie of colleagues surrounding her at the state department. He suggested that  an oversight committee could investigate them and their correspondences with Secretary Clinton. “I think we could actually uncover some of where her people, or even Hillary Clinton, did the bidding for certain governments or certain policies that could be easily linked back to donations to the Clinton Foundation,” he asserted.

The Breitbart News Sunday guest reminded listeners about the Clintons:

This is a couple remember, that we know sold access to the White House Lincoln bedroom to donors. We know this happened the last time they were in the White House. Now we see hundreds of millions of dollars that the Clinton Foundation raised because the Secretary of State happened to be named Hillary Clinton. Why would we even take the risk of trying to elect this person to office… every American should be clamoring with outrage saying this person is not fit to run.