As Her Numbers Plummet, Hillary Clinton Looks for Big Money from Big Donors

REUTERS/Mike Blake

From Liz Peek writing at The Fiscal Times:

Hillary Clinton is going all-out for the criminal vote. She may need it.  Astonishingly, her “favorability” ratings as tracked by CNN are worse today than they have ever been – worse than at any time in 2008 when she last ran for office. To counter her plunge in the polls, Clinton is counting on raising obscene amounts of money. How? By crafting a platform pleasing to billionaires.

Hillary Clinton has come out with few policy pronouncements in her carefully constructed micro-campaign. She hasn’t leaked her views on the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership, despite pressure from progressives like Elizabeth Warren opposed to the broad trade pact, and she’s mum on the Iran nuke deal. She isn’t talking about NSA snooping – in fact, she isn’t talking much at all, to the annoyance of the press corps.

So, it was refreshing when she recently made a stirring speech at Texas Southern University on the subject of voter rights. In it, she called for automatic registration of all people turning 18 years of age, and suggested that criminals should be able to win back their voting rights, championing “the father who’s done his time and paid his debt to society but still hasn’t gotten his rights back.” She attacked Republicans for supposedly working to “disempower and disenfranchise people of color, poor people and young people” – that is, the central building blocks of the coalition that twice elected president Obama.

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