Jeb Ally Vows to Lead ‘Dump Trump’ Movement

Ana Navarro GOP Sellout

Ana Navarro, the Jeb Bush ally whom the mainstream media uses to reliably bash conservatives, is vowing to lead the “dump Trump” movement.

“We’ve been out of the White House for a long time. We need to focus on what the best way of doing that is. And certainly, entertaining Donald Trump is not that,” she said on CNN after Trump’s announcement. “So, I can tell you, I’m leading the dump Trump movement.”

Showing nothing but disdain for Trump, Navarro claimed that Trump, the successful billionaire businessman, “just does not have the qualifications” to be president. She also claimed that Trump would make Jeb Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) seem more “serious.”

“As a friend of Jeb Bush and as a friend of Marco Rubio, I just want to sincerely thank him for having attacked them today, because I think anything that he can do to contrast himself with them makes them look that much more substantial and that much more serious,” she added.

Trump has been hammering Bush right out of the gate. Emphasizing that Bush is “totally in favor of Common Core” and “weak on immigration,” Trump asked during his announcement speech, “how the hell can you vote for this guy?”

“You just can’t do it,” Trump declared.