Democrat Strategist: Charleston Could’ve Been Worse if Church-Goers Had Been Armed

David Goldman/AP
David Goldman/AP
Charleston, SC

During the June 19 airing of MSNBC’s The ED Show, Democrat strategist Bob Shrum said the attack on innocents at Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church could have been worse if church-goers had been armed for self-defense.

Shrum’s exact words:

I cannot imagine the horror that could have occurred if people were sitting around with concealed weapons, [the attack] started and you had a full scale gun fight. You might not even have three survivors.

Think about it–Shrum is saying he “cannot imagine the horror” that may have resulted from church-goers being able to defend themselves. In so doing, he is completely overlooking the fact that alleged gunman Dylann Roof paused to reload his gun at least five times, according to Reuters.

How many lives might a concealed carry permit holder have saved if he or she had been armed to shoot the gunman while he was reloading his weapon?

Shrum also suggested this criticism of concealed-carry should be carried into the 2016 Congressional elections by Democrats.

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