Hillary Clinton Faces Renewed Scrutiny over Uranium One Deal

Hillary Rodham Clinton
AP Photo/David Becker

From WMUR:

The question itself was born of allegations made by the conservative author of the best-selling but highly critical book, “Clinton Cash,” and on Tuesday, author Peter Schweizer blasted Clinton’s answers on CloseUP in an op-ed that has gone national, insisting his timelines are correct, and that at the time of the sale of Uranium One, Clinton was negotiating directly with the Russian government over civilian nuclear technology in the so-called Russian reset.

“For her to claim that somehow she was not involved in this decision strikes me as extremely odd,” said Schweizer. “If, in fact, she was not involved in this decision, it goes to the heart of leadership because the secretary of state should be the one to sign off on transferring 20 percent of U.S. uranium to the Russian government.”

ABC News political director Rick Klein offered an ominous prediction of the implications this issue could present Clinton moving forward.

“This is a lot more serious in one way than the (email scandal), because the emails were about transparency and disclosure. But when you talk about actions as secretary of state … you start to talk about official actions and you question her honesty, her trustworthiness, point-by-point, in the case that’s made against her, and that’s where I think there is real vulnerability,” said Klein.

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