Dr. Ben Carson on Trump’s McCain Statement: ‘We Need to Hear from Everybody’

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In a press conference following GOP candidate Dr. Ben Carson’s speech at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa, Carson was asked what he thought about Trump’s comments on illegal immigration and recent statement on Sen. John McCain as a war hero, which Trump made during his own speech at the Summit.

“I think everybody has their niche – everybody has their voice,” Carson answered. “I think we need to hear from everybody. And that’s the beauty of the process we have.”

A reporter asked Carson what niche Trump has in the GOP presidential race.

“I think that’s a decision that will be made by the people,” Carson answered.

Carson continued to say the people will decide who’s voice they favor: “Not the media, not the pundits, but the people – all we have to do is make sure we allow voices to be heard.”

Carson said he believes Sen. McCain has done some wonderful things when questioned if he considers McCain a war hero.


Dr. Ben Carson posted on Twitter a little after 9 PM central, “.@SenJohnMcCain refused special treatment as POW because of his patriotism. He became and is an American hero for his selflessness, bravery” in response to the comments about him made by fellow GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.