Vandals Break Window of Virginia Home Flying a Confederate Flag

Hopewell, VA

Police in Hopewell, Virginia, are investigating the vandalism of a home that was flying a Confederate flag.

Joseph Quick, owner of the home south of Richmond and outside Petersburg, told police that a 20-pound driveway stone was thrown through his large front window in which the he had hung a Confederate flag. The flag had been in the window for about three weeks.

“Its ridiculous. Violence isn’t everything,” Quick told the media.

Quick said that a loud crash woke his family up at around 2:30AM on Tuesday, and he caught sight of someone walking away from his house.

“We heard a crash, bang. Somebody walking down the street decided they did not like my Confederate flag,” Quick told the media.

“If you got a problem, you come and talk to me. Don’t destroy my property. You work too hard in life to pay for these things. I’m a hard working man. I’m not a millionaire,” Quick added. “Your beliefs are your beliefs and my beliefs are my beliefs.”

A next door neighbor commented that she did not mind the Confederate flag.

“Me and my husband had no problem with him having it there, and my husband is black himself. So we knew he was doing it just for the heritage of it and nothing to do with racism or anything,” the neighbor said.

She also said she hoped the vandals get caught.

The homeowner said that he had heard some complain about the flag and thinks maybe it was teenagers who vandalized his home.

Quick said that the vandalism won’t deter him from flying the flag.

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