Grandma Goes Gun Shopping After Stranger Allegedly Breaks In, Climbs In Bed

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An 82-year-old Henrico County, Virginia, grandma is going gun shopping after a stranger allegedly broke into her home on August 2 and climbed into bed with her.

The grandma–Reba Shook–thought her dog had climbed in bed, then reached over to discover it was a person.

According to CBS 6, Shook said, “I put my hand out for [the dog] to smell, then I realized it was somebody. I said ‘Well, I don’t know what you’re after but you aren’t [gonna] get nothing here.’”

Shook then “clawed” and “cursed” the stranger, who fled the room and ran “out the backdoor.” She thinks he “got into her home through a window she left cracked open.”

Surveying her options after the incident was over, Shook said, “I’m going shopping for a gun. If anybody values their life they won’t climb into my window.”

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