Breitbart Primary July Results: Non-Politicians Crushing Establishment Candidates


In July’s Breitbart Primary, some of the top establishment Republican candidates again barely registered while three of the top six candidates were non-politicians Donald Trump, who finished second behind Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Dr. Ben Carson, who surged into third, and Carly Fiorina.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (0.5%), New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (0.1%), Sen. Lindsey Graham (0.1%), and former New York Governor George Pataki (.05%) did not even receive 1% support combined. Only Bush polls considerably better in other national polls and is guaranteed a spot in the upcoming GOP presidential debates.

Trump, Carson, and Fiorina again crushed many of their top GOP establishment rivals. Trump’s anti-establishment candidacy and refusal to kowtow to the politically-correct police on issues like immigration has endeared him not only to conservatives but to blue-collar Americans of all backgrounds who are fed up with both political parties that do not represent their interests. Carson is also benefiting from Trump’s success, as voters are becoming more comfortable with possibly electing a non-politician to the White House. Nothing can prepare a candidate for the presidency, and Carson has even argued that the experiences of career politicians may make them more ill-suited to occupy the nation’s highest office. Though Fiorina has not resonated as much as Carson and Trump on the national stage, she has done considerably better than some of the GOP’s top establishment presidential candidates–like Sen. Marco Rubio, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, and Ohio Governor John Kasich–in the Breibart Primary.

Breitbart Primary voters–like much of the nation–are rejecting politicians representing the established order and want someone from outside of the system or, in the case of Cruz, someone willing to take on the establishment inside the halls of power.

The results of July’s Breitbart Primary are below:

1. Ted Cruz – 28.3%
2. Donald Trump – 27%
3. Ben Carson – 16.6%
4. Scott Walker – 10.1%
5. Rand Paul – 6.5%
6. Carly Fiorina – 3.1%
7. Marco Rubio – 1.9%
8. Rick Perry – 1.5%
9. John Kasich – 1.1%
10. Bobby Jindal – 1.1%
11. Mitt Romney – .9%
12. Mike Huckabee -.6%
13. Jeb Bush – .5%
14. Rick Santorum – .4%
15. Chris Christie – .1%
16. Lindsey Graham – .1%
17. George Pataki – .05%

The Breitbart Primary is reset every month, and readers are encouraged to vote in August’s Breitbart Primary here.