‘Stump for Trump’ Girls: ‘If You Love America, Then Become Legal’ Citizens

Stump for Trump Girls YouTube

The “Stump for Trump” girls, Lynnette ‘Diamond’ Hardaway and Rochelle ‘Silk’ Richardson, appeared on Justice With Judge Jeanine Sunday where they railed against “media bias,” defended Donald Trump, and demanded that illegal immigrants “become U.S. citizens.”

“When an illegal immigrant crosses that border, they are committing a crime,” said Lynnette ‘Diamond’ Hardaway. “I don’t understand why we arrest Americans for committing crimes, but an illegal immigrant can cross the border and they don’t get arrested. We give them food, jobs. They take over the whole town.”

“Listen, if you love America then become legal,” Hardaway said.

Jeanine Pirro asked the sisters if they “read the news everyday.”

“What I don’t like sometimes is the media bias and how they try to feed us a narrative,” Hardaway said. “I pay attention. I am an African-American. Yes, I pay attention to the news and when I see something that looks strange then I have to talk about it.”

The “Stump for Trump” girls came out swinging and campaigning strong for leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump earlier this summer, launching a series of hysterical videos from their Youtube page.

Asked if there is anything Donald Trump can do to turn the girls away from him, they said “no.”

Donald Trump “wants to keep America safe. He wants to bring jobs back,” Hardaway said, adding that the Trump campaign has “reached out” to them.

Donald Trump is currently leading the Republican presidential field with a recent poll showing the real estate magnate beating Hillary Clinton, 45 percent to 40 percent.