Billionaire Tom Steyer Hints He’s Supporting Joe Biden


LAS VEGAS – Progressive billionaire Tom Steyer hinted Tuesday that he plans to support Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election.

Steyer, a liberal hedge fund super-donor, showed up at the first Democratic debate at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, where he watched the debate from the back of the Media Room with reporters.

“We don’t even know everybody who’s running at this point,” Steyer said in the Spin Room after the debate, in response to a question about whether he plans to support one of the five candidates on the stage. Biden is the only major Democratic contender who has yet to formally announce his candidacy.

“I’m sure at some point, I’ll be supporting somebody,” Steyer added with a sly smile.

Steyer spent more than $74 million to support Democratic candidates in the 2014 midterm elections, which resulted in disastrous losses across the board for Democrats in the House and Senate.

Biden has already received implicit support from the White House for his expected presidential run, and “Draft Biden” commercials ran during CNN’s coverage of the first Democratic debate featuring scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton and socialist Bernie Sanders.