Flashback: Martin O’Malley Accepted $40k from NRA as Head of Governors Association

AP Photo/Paul Sancya
AP Photo/Paul Sancya

During the October 13 Democrat Debate former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley called for Americans to stand against the NRA, but as chairman of Democrat Governors Association (DGA) in 2012 O’Malley did not turn away $40,000 from the NRA.

Again, during the debate O’Malley reaffirmed his support for the gun controls he passed as governor–even in the face of surging gun violence and record-setting homicide rates in Baltimore–and he told Americans his governorship was characterized “by principle” rather than “by pandering to the NRA.” Yet according to the The Intercept, IRS documents from just three years ago do not suggest O’Malley put up much of a fight when the “[NRA’s] lobbying arm” wanted to make a donation to the DGA. 

The DGA is a nonprofit group charged with getting Democrats elected in races for statehouses. And O’Malley did so well raising funds for the DGA that he “was retained as finance chair following his term as chair.”

When the Huffington Post reached out to O’Malley’s people for comment on the $40,000 donation, the “campaign didn’t deny that the association accepted funds from the NRA’s lobbying arm.” However, O’Malley’s press secretary Haley Morris said, “There is only one presidential candidate whom the NRA fears and that’s Governor O’Malley.”

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