Establishment Women Reporters Swoon As ‘Maternal’ Hillary Clinton ‘Liberates’ Them

Candidates For President Attend Iowa Democrat's Wing Ding Dinner
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The generally pro-Democratic publication Politico ran one of the most unintentionally funny pieces in the history of American journalism Monday, by profiling 18 female reporters who cover Clinton for mainstream media outlets.

The piece revealed that the mostly-female Clinton press corps all got together at Clinton’s Brooklyn headquarters in August, having presumably been invited by the Clinton campaign (Breitbart News’ lead Clinton campaign correspondent, Patrick Howley, was not in attendance).

Staunchly pro-Clinton MSNBC correspondent, Alex Seitz-Wald, who attended a Clinton campaign staffer’s wedding, was the only man at the gathering, according to Politico, which gushed that 18 national news outlets have females covering the female candidate.

Buzzfeed reporter Ruby Cramer, daughter of the late political journalist Richard Cramer, made clear that Clinton totally inspired her to become a better question-asker.

Politico reported:

“BuzzFeed’s Ruby Cramer recalled one press gaggle when Clinton encouraged her to “liberate herself” and ask what she really wanted to ask. Cramer had planned to ask a lighthearted question, but explained that she felt obligated to ask about a former Clinton tech staffer, Bryan Pagliano, who pleaded the fifth rather than testify before Congress about Clinton’s email practice. (She ended up asking both.)”

“And Hillary said ‘Liberate yourself — ask me what you want to ask … no, just be free, be you,’ ” Cramer recalled, chuckling. “I felt like she was encouraging me in a woman-to-woman way.”

New York Times reporter Amy Chozick suggested that Clinton has been like a mother to her:

Chozick recalled a chaotic press conference at the United Nations right after the news broke about Clinton’s private email server. Chozick found herself completely blocked, squished between two foreign photographers. But Clinton picked her out from the crowd.

“At one point Clinton says, ‘Oh we’ll go to her, she’s totally scrunched down there,’ ” Chozick said. “Maybe that was a moment of sympathizing, looking out and seeing how uncomfortable and filled-in we were…. it seemed sort of maternal.”

New York Times political reporter Carolyn Ryan told Politico that “women are drawn to this story journalistically, given its sweep, history-making potential and the way the Clinton story intersects with the broader discussion about gender, power and culture in this country.”

Seitz-Wald, the noted lone man in the room at the Brooklyn gathering, told Politico that the Clinton reporters are a collegial bunch.

The entire article really needs to be read to be believed.