EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton State Department Advised Presidents Clinton AND Bush On Foreign Speeches

presidents Bill Clinton (L) and George W. Bush talk about their hopes for the Presidential Leadership Scholars program at the Newseum September 8, 2014 in Washington, DC. With the cooperation of the Clinton, Bush, Lyndon B. Johnson and George H. W. Bush presidential libraries and foundations, the new scholarship program …
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

WASHINGTON – Hillary Clinton’s State Department advised both President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush on their foreign speaking engagements, according to emails obtained by Breitbart News.

When the Clinton Foundation checked in for advice from Hillary Clinton’s top advisers about a foreign company that Bill Clinton was considering taking money from, they used information gathered for representatives for George W. Bush, who also checked in to Hillary’s agency. The cozy relationship shows not only the exclusivity of the former Presidents’ club, but also the closeness between the Bush and Clinton dynasties.

“The Congo-B desk received an inquiry last Friday (June 8) from the Washington Speakers Bureau saying that former President Bush has been invited to Congo-B for a Forbes Africa launch party in July 2012,” State Department official Steven Koutsis wrote to colleague Johnnie Carson in a lengthy June 16, 2012 memo that was forwarded to top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills.

“The main sponsor is O’Ryan Oil and Gas. The Speakers Bureau is working with Lucien Ebata in Congo-B who is with O’Ryan Oil and Paul Trustfull from Forbes. The guest list includes Jean Ping, Rawlings, Kabila and Yayi Boni. They wanted advice on this request,” Koutsis wrote.

Carson eventually decided that there was nothing “negative” about the potential speech.

“This appears to conclude differently than I understood from our conversation,” Mills wrote to Carson. “they counseled Bush AGAINST participation (which had been my original recommendation until wwe [sic] spoke.”

“I spoke with Johnnie again this am,” Mills eventually wrote to Clinton Foundation officer Amitabh Desai, who routinely checked in with the State Department for advice about Clinton’s speeches. “He believes there is no derogatory information so therefore WJC could participate.”

“Thanks. I’m with you,” Desai responded.

Freddy Ford from George W. Bush’s office told Breitbart News that “this invitation didn’t make it to the President’s desk.”