Breitbart Primary October Results: Marco Rubio Ticks Up, Carly Fiorina Slips

Marco Rubio Breitbart Primary

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Carly Fiorina have traded places in the Breitbart Primary, as Rubio is on the ascent while Fiorina is on the descent.

Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Dr. Ben Carson again took the top three spots in October’s Breitbart Primary voting. Florina had consistently finished fourth in recent Breitbart Primary polls, but Rubio moved past her into fourth in last month’s Breitbart Primary with 5.37% support. Fiorina finished in sixth place with 2.12%, placing behind “undecided” (4.28%) and Sen. Rand Paul (4.86%).

In September’s Breitbart Primary, Fiorina received 8% while Rubio received 4%. Rubio saw a jump in voting that occurred after the October 28 CNBC debate, receiving 8.9% of the post-debate votes, which put him in fourth again behind Messrs. Cruz (31.37%), Trump (31.34%), and Carson (11.89%) in post-debate voting.

Rubio, who has not even come close to reaching double digits in the Breitbart Primary, still has many liabilities—most notably his having been the face of the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” comprehensive amnesty bill—with conservative voters.

The Breitbart Primary is reset each month, and Breitbart News readers are encouraged to vote in November’s Breitbart Primary here.

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