Larry Lessig tells Breitbart: Democrats Are Scared Of Outsiders

Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law professor attends Lawrence Lessig Speech On Sen. Elizabeth Warren In 2016 on April 20, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by
Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Political Action
Washington, D.C.

Harvard Professor and former Democratic presidential candidate Larry Lessig says the Democratic party is scared of having outsiders run for president, because party leaders have seen how powerful Republican outsiders Donald Trump and Ben Carson have become.

“I think the Democrats look at the incredible power of the three outsiders on the Republican stage and the establishment Democrats say ‘we don’t want that trouble on our stage'” said Lessig in an interview with Breitbart News Daily.

When Breitbart News Daily host Steve Bannon suggested that the Democratic Party was going to coronate Hillary Clinton, Lessig added that it was indeed “a coronation.” He added that “the power of the Democrats is organized to make sure this happens.”

“That’s what they believe is in their best interest as a party,” the professor added. “In their narrow insider perspective of what the the best interest is for the party– they’re probably right.”

Lessig announced he was running for president in September after securing $1 million through a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign. However, he announced this week that he was dropping out because the Democratic Party had changed the rules in order to prevent him from entering the presidential debates.

“The Democratic party, in the course of the last week, changed the rules for getting into the debate to make it literally impossible for me to get in” Lessig told Breitbart News Daily.  “They’re all about maintaining control.”

“This has been an incredibly well-orchestrated season that I think it will result in what everybody expected it would be nine months ago, with Hillary Clinton being the nominee.”

Lessig was running an unconventional campaign and promised to be a “referendum president.” He wanted to serve as president in order to enact sweeping government reforms. After doing so, his plan was to then resign as president and hand over the presidency to the sitting Vice President.