Latino Groups Protest Donald Trump’s SNL Appearance

Fox News Latino

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is hosting Saturday Night Live, and some Latino groups attempted to cause a ruckus in front of the NBC Studios before the event. However, the Associated Press reports only dozens attended the protest.

Some on social media contradict the AP’s report, but video and pictures show otherwise.

In fact, there were plenty of pro-Trump and pro-free speech protestors on hand to show their support for NBC.

As The Right Scoop points out, with only 200 people tops, these organizations somehow collected over 500,000 petitions against Trump. NBC News reported the number could be not be confirmed.

NBC has not addressed the controversy or the concerns of these groups.

The Deport Racism PAC even offered $5,000 to anyone who screams racist during the live broadcast.

“We’re hoping that somebody in the audience stands up and calls him [Trump] a racist,” explained organizer Luke Montgomery.

Trump dismissed all the protests and concerns leading up to his hosting gig. He said the protests will only give his gig more publicity.