Rand Paul Pushes ‘Defend Our Capital Act,’ Requires D.C. to Issue Concealed Weapons Permits

GettyImages-495102888 rand paul
Washington, DC

GOP presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is introducing legislation to keep the people in the District of Columbia more safe, removing existing firearm ownership laws that some argue are restrictive. His legislation would also require concealed weapons permits to grant reciprocity for both residents and non-residents.

“For too long the Americans who live in and visit their nation’s capital have been prevented from defending themselves and their loved ones. No longer should our citizens have to choose between safety or visiting Washington, D.C.,” Paul stated in a press release about his legislation.

According to Paul’s press release, his legislation, Defend Our Capital Act 2015, would:

Require the District of Columbia to begin issuing concealed weapons permits for both residents and non-residents.
Require the District of Columbia to grant reciprocity of concealed weapons permits issued by other states and commonwealths.
Eliminate existing District of Columbia laws that restrict firearms and ammunition ownership.
Allow for national reciprocity of conceal and carry weapons permits between states and for carry by active duty military.
Allow for the carrying of firearms on public, non-sensitive areas of federal property.
Allow for the purchase of firearms across state lines.

Paul’s legislation comes on the same day that he forced GOP leadership to remove a bill on the Senate floor over refugee housing.

As Breitbart News’s Michelle Fields reported:

Paul also blasted Senate leadership on Thursday for not considering his amendment to the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development funding bill that would have blocked any current refugees in the United States from getting public housing.

‘Well I think what boggles my mind is the biggest issue in our country right now is keeping us safe from attack,” Paul told Breitbart News on Thursday afternoon when reached by phone. “My amendment tells the president that we don’t approve of bringing more people here from the Middle East until we have adequate controls on who’s here already. My amendment was not only pertinent to the biggest issue of the day, it was also germane to the bill. Both parties tried to stop me from offering it and that’s a tragedy.’